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Events at PonyTown

PonyTown has a number of different types of events. Some are recurring, some events are one-time, and we're also experimenting with on-demand events. Most events are IC, or In-Character, but some are OOC (Out-of-Character) as well. If you're not sure what those terms mean, check out our Role Playing page.

Our event calendar is available here.

Recurring Events

Cafe RP

Cafe RPs are just that - folks go to the cafe in town and enjoy snacks, drinks, and conversation. It's a great opportunity to meet other people!

Market Day

Ponies from local and afar gather near Sugarcube Corner in Ponyville to buy and sell wares both mundane and strange. This is another good chance to meet folks!

On-Demand Events

This is an experiment we're trying out, largely to gauge interest from the attendees of SL Pony Con 2020, but if it works, we might keep doing these sorts of events.

Sign-ups for On-Demand Events are available here.

RP Workshop (OOC)

If enough folks are interested, we'll run a workshop teaching people about the basics of RP, and a few tricks to help people get into the RP groove.

PonyTown Tour

This mostly-IC tour will show some of the environments around the PonyTown Roleplay sim. Folks are welcome to attend OOCly as well, and ask IC or OOC questions.

Twilight's Scavenger Hunt Princess Twilight Sparkle loves a good brainteaser, and hopes other creatures will too. This IC scavenger hunt will test everypony's puzzle solving and creativity skills as they race around Ponyville and the surrounding area to find as much as they can from Twilight's list!

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