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One of Mayor Mare’s assistants made the following announcements:

Thanks were offered to everyone who assisted with the mushrooms. Repairs to Ponyville are complete, but the town’s coffers took a big hit to make that happen. Ideas are being circulated to help refill the emergency fund.

A reminder was given to be wary of the large cave in the Everfree Forest - namely that it was half full of star spiders, and had a small pack of mostly harmless diamond dogs working inside.

It was announced that rumors regarding Princess Twilight negotiating with the mushrooms were believed to be just that - baseless rumors.

Some of the pegasi working the weather have indicated that it’s likely to be a cold winter, so stay warm and stock up on firewood.

The local theatre troop is looking for experienced and inexperienced actors, stage hands, and other help.

A traveling circus from Prance, the Cirque du Celestia, is negotiating with Ponyville to come and do a performance. They would need a place to perform. Reception from the crowd was generally positive.

Ponybucks Coffee has tendered a generous offer to open a shop in the empty building near Sugarcube Corner. Responses from the crowd were mixed, much as the responses from around town have been mixed. Locals tend to favor the local coffee houses, while many of those hailing from larger cities are eager to see the Seaddle-based chain open up shop.

Starlight Glimmer gave an update about the School of Friendship. The school is open and operating normally following the mushroom invasion. The schedule has been adjusted to try to pack in more classes and make up for lost time, and at the current time, the expectation is that classes will run three weeks later into the summer as previously scheduled, though that could be pushed out further. Students with questions or concerns about the schedule or materials were directed to Counselor Trixie. Starlight also mentioned that new programs had been created, and talked about an upcoming announcement in the future that could be “exciting.”

Applejack announced that for the first time, Sweet Apple Acres was considering bringing on additional help from outside the circles of friends and family. Interested parties are directed to reach out to Applejack, Big Macintosh, or Granny Smith for more information on available jobs and timing.

OOC Announcements

First up, the results of our survey following the mushroom plot arc. Feedback was mostly positive, our two main takeaways were that people wanted more action type events, and that event timing was something to work on, particularly for the EU players to be able to attend. We're glad folks liked the event, and we're planning on getting more “action” type events rolling soon. We'll do our best to schedule stuff so everyone can attend at least some of the events.

Related to that, our goal is to get back to having at least one scheduled event running per week. It might be a simple social get together, or something more action oriented, but at least some time where players know they can show up and something will be going on. To that end, we could use some help from folks willing to come up with events and steer them along. We're particularly looking for help from the players of canon characters - we'd like to see all these well-known characters active at least once every week or two, as it helps gather more players around them. We've had some canon characters go MIA for quite some time, and we'd like to hear from everyone. Remember, if you have a canon character, please let us know in advance if you expect to be away for any significant amount of time!

Also in the vein of increasing RP: Spread the word! We’d love to see more roleplayers around. Even bringing in one or two people a month really helps grow the player base. We know a lot of folks spend time on other pony sims and Discord servers, so maybe talk up PTR a bit. Or if there are places we should drop signs (or update existing ones), please let us know.

And finally, would there be interest in a character directory geared towards helping find other RPers and matching interests? We want to avoid a library of character biographies, but we’re thinking about having something with a directory of players, characters, best available times, and interests, to help find others interested in the same styles of RP or who tend to be around at given times.

Anyone with questions or comments about any of the announcements are encouraged to reach out to PTR Staff.

Thanks to everyone that attended the event, and hope to see everyone again soon!

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