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PTR was founded in early 2013, dedicating itself to give anyone who wished to roleplay as a pony a place to do so. Set in Ponyville in the MLP:FiM universe, we've tried to recreate the experience of adventure and everyday life a pony living there might be part of. We've always strived to find a perfect balance between authenticity, quality, freedom, and creativity. Above else, we wanted an experience that is fun and rewarding to anyone visiting.

Over the years, we've hosted both regular and special roleplay events where anything could happen, covering everything from everyday events such as Market Day and Cafe RP, to epic high adventure in Everfree Forest and mysterious circumstances throwing the town into chaos.

We've also held classes and workshops to help newcomers get into how RP works, how to create a character, and what makes a good RP, and offered coaching for those who need it to get started.

By now, we are one of the oldest pony sims on SL, and after our recent rebuild in late 2019, the sim is more immersive than ever!

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