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This page is where we gather frequently asked questions about PonyTown.

Got a question not answered here? Ask anyone on the Staff team, or ask in Discord.

Q: I heard PonyTown Roleplay is extremely strict about who gets to play. What's up with that?
A: We'd love to learn more about where players are hearing these rumors, because we have discovered that there's been some misinformation circling out there.

The short answer is that we are only as strict as we need to be to make sure our setting feels authentic to the world of MLP, and to protect our players from trolls and such. That's it.

We've heard from some that OCs aren't allowed, for example. Actually, the opposite is true - we actively encourage OCs to make PTR a more vibrant community. The only things we don't allow are OCs that you wouldn't generally find in the show: robots, strange hybrid creatures, and so forth. Our Species Guideline page goes into more detail. Also discouraged are extensive and/or unrealistic ties to canon characters in OC backgrounds. We'd rather OCs have their own vibrant stories!

There was also apparently a rumor we don't allow people to be on-sim unless they're actively RPing. Also not true. We have a whole section of the sim that's 100% OOC at all times, and in general we're okay with people being OOC in IC areas as long as they're not disruptive to ongoing RP.

Q: What's canon?
A: Here's the list:

  • Anything from the nine seasons of the TV Show (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) is canon, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Everything shown for the future in the Season 9 episode The Last Problem has not come to pass, and is not guaranteed to do so in our RP. We feel that a lot of what's represented in this episode reflects that the show was coming to a close, and the writers needed to give the audience a sense of closure. As our RP is very much alive, not to mention there is a Season 10 coming via comics, we aren't chaining ourselves to this episode's representation of the future.
  • The comic books are not canon unless otherwise noted. We will be dealing with the Season 10 comics as they come out.
  • Fan made works are not canon unless otherwise noted. At this time, there are no such exceptions.

Q: What are the exceptions?
A: Here's the list of current exceptions:

  • Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are not retired. While Princess Twilight Sparkle is now in charge of running Equestria, the two sisters are helping in other ways. Specifically, Princess Luna has taken on some diplomacy and exploration duties in addition to continuing to watch over ponies' dreams.

Q: Can I play a…?
A: Check out our Species Guide.

Q: Can I say my character is Princess Celestia's personal cake chef?
A: Generally more than passing interactions with canon characters are discouraged, but feel free to ask the Staff if you'd like to work something into your character's history.

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