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Here you'll find information on our sim, how to get started with us, RP basics, and much more. If you have trouble finding something you're looking for, or getting an answer to a question, please hit up any of the PTR Staff for pointers.

What is Roleplaying?

Visitors who are already familiar with role-playing (or “RP”) can safely skip this section, though they may want to read on to get an idea of our philosophy.

Simply put, RP is a form of shared storytelling where multiple players, the actual humans at the keyboard, portray characters in an interactive fictional setting.

For example, instead of reacting to a situation as themselves, a human college student, the player would write up actions as a created character, who has their own ideas and goals that might be very different than the player's. While the player might not want to venture into a dark cave, the character may be a brave adventurer pony like Daring-Do, looking to recover stolen treasure.

We've got a lot more information about RP in general, and RP at PTR, in our Role-Playing page, and it's recommended reading for folks interested in coming to play with us.

What Makes PTR Different?

Like many pony sims, PTR involves social interaction, but our interactions happen “in character.” Rather than donning a pony avatar and going to a sim with real-life or online friends to talk about the latest money-making schemes for Animal Crossing, or hanging out and listening to a DJ share some tunes, at PTR, each of those pony avatars you see represents a character in the world of MLP: FiM. From a run-of-the-mill pony who pushes papers at Town Hall to somepony famous like Applejack or Rainbow Dash, they're all there, living their lives, facing challenges, interacting with friends and others, just as you might see in an episode of the show. Save that unlike the show, there's no “script” - characters interact in real time.

If you're curious, you can read up on the history of Pony Town Roleplayers!

How do I Start?

Glad you asked! All you need to get started is a pony avatar and an idea for a character. For the former, you can find several choices on the marketplace or your favorite pony sim's marketplace (we have one as well). For a character, you simply need a concept you'd be interested to play. Whether it's a character similar to one of your favorites from a book or movie, or something you've made up completely on your own, anything works as long as they'd fit into the world of MLP:FiM. If you need some help creating or fleshing out a character, check out our Role-Playing page or feel free to chat with an RP Coordinator or staff member. A few things it's good to have for your new character:

  • Their name
  • Their special talent (as each character in the show has their own specialty, what makes your character special? What are they good at?)
  • Why they're in Ponyville - have they lived their all their lives? Traveling there to shop, or to meet somepony?

Once you're ready, feel free to come by the sim and look for fellow RPers! Alternately, you can check out the event calendar to see if there are any group events coming up that you'd like to attend. Market days and Cafe RPs are great times to introduce new characters.

Looking for more?

Come chat with us on our Discord server! There's a link on-sim you can find as soon as you hop off the train.

We've also got a FAQ that answers some of the commonly asked questions we've gotten.

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